I am Marcus Izmir. One person among more than 7 billion on this planet. And, like all human beings, I have my dreams, ideals and ambitions. One of these is the desire to help others proceed on their way by sharing my own experiences and my knowledge. I have run departments, set up companies of my own, met people who shaped my thoughts and gave me guidance. I had been looking for stability, quietness and neat prospects, what Ifound was departure and the spirit of change. I am firmly convinced that technology plays an essential part in showing us the way into a new and better future.

2015 Launch of ‘DNA Reifegradmessung’ in cooperation with College of Human Resources and Organization of WK Vienna
2015 Introducing the monthly ‘DNA Sprechstunde’, an informal academy and society, organized as a club
2015 Appointed Vice President of Austrian SUP Federation
2014 Line of the IBM working group ‘Arbeiten Sie noch oder Leben Sie schon?’ European Forum Alpbach Economic Symposium
2014 Das Neue Arbeiten DNA Initiative – Introduction of special small formats - CEO + CxO Saloons
2014 Inauguration offirstDNA venue– DNA Smart Living Room Vienna, Freyung
2013 DNA Smart Afternoon Vienna with 350 participants+  talks, for example at TEDx and Confare CIO Summit
2012 First DNA Smart AfternoonVienna + Salzburg - 250 participants + several impulse talks
2012 Focus on NWOW (New World of Work) - Start of Initiative Das Neue Arbeiten DNA
2011 mii – marcus izmir informationsmanagement GmbH sold
2010 Several NWOW talks and discussions
2009 peak number of staff- 72 employees, developing NWOW 2.0 standards
2007 Austrian Airlines - Instant Communication concept and integration
2005 process it GmbH - Founder + CEO -  Business Architecture Consulting, focus: creative enterprises (e.g. Frauscher Bootswerft, Suppito)
2005 eBiz Award: Paperless Wings and eForce Portal Austrian and Lauda Air (fleet communication, digital captain’s case)
2004 Collaboration Concepts and several Intranet Portal Integrations at e.g. LFRZ, OÖ Landeskrankenhäuser, OMV, Steirische GKK
2004 OMV - worldwide standard communication concept, deployment
2003 ORF Technik - four-yearmanagement coaching project
2003 OMV - one of Europe’s 1st Instant Communication concepts and integration

2002 mii - One of Austria’s 1st IP telephone concepts and integration
2001 Change mii to a public limited company with employee participation (as a part of the NWOW bonus system)
2000 BMI - Messaging and Communication concept and integration
1999 Merger Bank Austria and Creditanstalt Bankverein - Messaging and Collaboration Migration concept and integration
1998 Start engagement as Microsoft Partner Advisory Council Member in Redmond
1998 Launch of KIP – Knowledge+Information Portal – one of the first dashboards worldwide connecting information of different systems in a single user interface (several partial integration, e.g.  Erste Bank)
1997 Messaging integration/migration, e. g. OMV, OÖ Landesregierung, GSK
1996 OMV - Office Automation and Communication concept
1994 Messaging Standards for large enterprises and several integration … , e.g. Lauda Air, Austrian, ORF, Dresdner Bank
1993 SME Messaging Standards and several integration …,  e.g. Euroinvest, Ermefer, ICA, RRS, …
1992 Integration of one of Europe’s 1st commercial Internet Mail Gateway
1991 Integration of 1st Microsoft X.400 Gateway worldwide at Nedlloyd – connecting Mainframe to PC world
1988 Concept and integration of one of the firstPC based communication (Mail, Fax, Telex) systems for SME
1987 First employee, first development and integration of NWOW standards
1986 mii marcus izmir informationsmanagement GmbH - Founder + CEO: IT consulting, research, development, integration + services – focus: communication + collaboration
1984 Hapag-Lloyd Austria GmbH – Head of IT
1984 Degree in computer science at Data Processing and Computer Science College