I am a networker, facilitator and guide. I ask myself: How can we make progress? Therefore I suggest new ways of access and new lines of thought. I tear down walls and encourage people to look at themselves and their environment from all angles and directions. I help people and organisations to see their world through fresh eyes.

I have developed the initiatives Das Neue Arbeiten DNA (New Ways of Working) and the DNA Smart Living Room as platforms and meeting places which bring together interesting people at regular intervals. I support people trying to increase efficiency and originality and initiate the advancement of working conditions. Das Neue Lernen (New Ways of Learning) fits in with all this and provides the basis for a society that is eager to learn and constantly changing.

Since people can’t enjoy their lives without being healthy, modules on fitness,  a healthy diet and life in general are included,  I show working people how they can strengthen their commitment, improve their health and set free new energy by finding the balance between work and leisure.
Technology that works well, makes life easier and is easy to use must be available to everybody.